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Seminars provide educational opportunities to members of the Guild. These sessions are designed to improve the skills of an artist and/or present information on a wide range of art related topics.

Please refer to the Calendar​ for details about specific upcoming events.

In-person Monthly Meeting TBD 4-6:30pm
TBD - Please Propose a Seminar
Studio Visits March 5, 2023

Studio Visits

Usually first Sundays 1:30-3:30pm

and Select Dates and Times

Sun. April 2, 1:30-3:30pm

Caroline Kelley and Sally Tiska Rice


Join a studio visits to learn in depth what fine artists use for their tools, materials, processes, and inspiration. Open to the public. @$15 for public and now free for members of the Guild of Berkshire To apply to become a member of the Guild, click here learn more and sign up for studio visits

Studio Visit Aprl 2, 2023
In-person Monthly Meeting April 13, 2022 - Closed

How to Propose a Seminar

Seminars are a great way to improve your skills and provide information to fellow Guild members. Please see the Event and Program Application to propose a program to the Board of the Guild of Berkshire Artists. 

Seminars can be proposed by any Guild member in good standing, either to lead their own self-created seminar or to organize a seminar with another artist, mentor artist or prominent figure in the art world.


Just organize the seminar basics and fill out the application and along with a budget and submit it to the Board for approval. Organize the details of the seminar being proposed, any volunteers to help with the seminar and confirm the details with the Board. Follow through with making the seminar happen and organize attendees. (It is important to figure out the structure of the workshop, who helps and how and what happens when.) Set-up and run the seminar smoothly. Consider an evaluation form for participants and for the presenter as we can get useful advice for future programs. When the seminar is completed present a brief summary to the Board with the results.

Please refer to the Calendar​ for upcoming events.
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