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There's so many ways you can get involved with us! Whether you're an artist, a community member, a business, or just a fan of the arts and community of The Berkshires, there's a space for you with us. 

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Benefits of Membership
The Benefits
of Being a
Guild Member

Discover your Community

Our members have opportunities every week to connect with other artists and communities members. We have monthly potlucks, receptions, monthly meetings and daily lunches in summer in in our plein air sessions. 

Continued Learning
We host Meet the Artist, Demonstrations, workshops year-around and daily plein air in summer.

Exhibiting your Art

The Guild maintains their own gallery at Art on Main and and regular shows at public and commercial spaces such as Colonial Theatre, Berkshire Humane Society, Welles Gallery in Lenox, West Stockbridge Old Town Hall, Berkshire Botanical Garden, and First Fridays Artswalk.

Amplifying your Work 

The Guild promotes our artists' work across social media, newsletter, local press and through members, to make sure the word gets out about our members' shows. Every member gets their own webpage on our site. 

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Image by Victoria Berman
Love the arts but you're not an artist?

We have many other ways to support and get involved with the guild. Whether you'd like to offer financial support, attend a local event, volunteer on a committee, or just follow us on social media, we welcome you!

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Your ideas are welcome.

Don't see what you had in mind for how you could be a part of the Berkshire Artists Guild? 
Shoot us an email and let's talk!

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