Art Talk by Karen Dolmanisth and Leslie Alfin for the  show Mosaic at 3-4pm on Zoom.

Tuesday, August 2, 2022


Join on Zoom

Meeting ID: 842 9410 6011

Password: 926317​

To see details about the show Mosaic Click Here

MOSAIC is an exhibit that ties together Alfin's chaotic, colorful and noisy pieces with Dolmanisth's quiet, serene, and meditative work through each artists process of identifying, selecting, and combining bits and pieces of experiential material harvested from the depths of the internet in Alfin's case or the depths of introspection in the case of Dolmanisth. In this way, the coming together of the work creates a powerful dialogue that is paradoxically both chaotic and serene.

Join us to meet the artists and view Karen Dolmanisth's opening night performance.

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Join the Guild in watching the creative process of one of our fine artists. You will get to see them working for about an hour and explaining why they do what they do. You will be able to ask questions. Since our artists work in a variety of media, over time, you will be exposed to a large number of processes and approaches. The program may be a simplified “how to do” something or it may be a broader demonstration of how to start something, how to finish something, how to fix something or how to proceed when they are stuck. This program is usually held on Tuesdays at 3pm but it can be pre recorded and shown another time upon request.

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