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Art in the Time of the Pandemic Online Show

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Application for an Event 

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ART in the Time of the Pandemic

June 2020



DESCRIPTION: The June online Show is open to all members of the Guild of Berkshire Artists and will be on our website "Current Shows." The show will be curated.  We plan to have a series of shows like this beginning in June.


CHAIRS: Information and Contact show: Janna Graves, Karen Carmean


WHERE: On our website “Current Shows” We will advertise these shows.


WHEN: Please submit photos of your art for the June online show ASAP by midnight May 26. We plan to have a series of shows during this pandemic.  


REGISTRATION AND ENTRY: This show requires the submission of all work by emailing jpeg images with their title, medium, size (length by width by depth) and retail price. Janna and the jury will select work for the show from as many artists as possible. You may submit 3 works of art. This does not have to be recent work.


The entry form, which you use to list your art, is included in below in printable pdf form. Fill out the form with the entry. The completed forms must be returned to by Tuesday May 26 with the jpeg (you can use a smart phone to take photos). We will let you know the evening of the 28th which works have been accepted. The plan is for this show to stay up through June and then another show will be posted. If you can’t complete the form by typing, or print it out, please send the information in an email. DO NOT MAIL the information as it will not be received in time.


IMPORTANT: Some additional notes about this show:

  • Artists will donate a MINIMUM of 25% to a 501c3 working to provide medical help or food help during the pandemic. Janna has a list of recommended places and their addresses. You may promise a higher percentage which may increase the likelihood of a sale.

  • Artists will pay the state sales tax ([MA:6.25%, NY: 4% plus local; CT: 6.35%, RI: 7%, VT: 6%]. You will receive help on how to do this on a Zoom event on 5/18.

  • And a 10% commission to GBA is requested but not required.

  • Artwork is expected to be ready to hang when sold unless you add "unframed' or "mat only."

  • Buyers will call you to confirm payment; we recommend taking a credit card which we will show you how to do on Monday May 18 on zoom. If you missed it click Video on our Facebook page "Guild of Berkshire Artists Members."

  • When you sell a work, send an email to immediately and another of the works which you submitted will be posted within a week.

  • Each artist must post information about this show on their social media accounts and ask their friends to do so as well.

  • Each artist will send their work to the buyer. Janna is also planning a no-contact system for local delivery and pickup. If you need to ship, Janna has contacted a place in Pittsfield who will safely wrap and ship your work to the buyer.


END of SHOW:  Currently we plan a series of online shows. It may be possible to access this and other previous shows through our website,, but exact plans have not been made.

SUPPORT TO ARTISTS: We will provide training on 1. How to take photos of your work. 2.How to take credit cards online. 3. Where to send your donation to a 501c3. 4. How to ship your work safely. 5. How to write a receipt for your sale. We will offer a live Zoom session on Monday May 18 at 4pm which will be accessible on our private Facebook page Guild of Berkshire Artists Members for your review later and click on Photos on your smartphone or Videos on your computer to see the video recording. The information is on the third sheet below, Shipping, Credit Cards, Sales Tax and Where to Send Donations.

Art in the Time of the Pandemic


1.  Show Description

Art in the Time of the Pandemic 


2.  Entry Form

Art in the Time of Pandemic 


3.  Shipping, Credit Cards, Sales Tax an Donations 


Event Application


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