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Request for Volunteers

If you would like to get involved in the activities of the Guild here are some opportunities.

Print Gallery Volunteers

Print Gallery Volunteers

for the world to see, appreciate and BUY!
Sound good? 
A small investment of your time can make this a reality. 
We are looking to set up a committee to create
and implement a print gallery on the our home site.

Be involved at the inception!

We need:
· A few brains for brain-storm sessions to get an easy and manageable process.
· Recommendations and cost estimates for related services (photography, printing, framing, etc)
· Web site menu addition work and documentation (allowing delegation of posting new art images)
· Some folks to review incoming art (to ensure image quality, etc)
· A rotating group to periodically review the process and reach out to members for suggestions.

Please contact the Guild through the contact form to get involved!

Membership Committee Volunteers

Membership Committee Volunteers Requested

The Guild is looking for volunteers to join the membership committee. —Please respond through the Contact Form

Volunteer to put Guild Videos on Vimeo

Volunteer to Put Guild Videos on Vimeo

The Guild of Berkshire Artists is look for a volunteer to help populate the Guild's Vimeo Account with approximately two new videos each week. —please use the Contact form to apply.

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