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Online Print Gallery


A NEW SERVICE for our members – A Gallery of Your Art for Public viewing and sales!

The GBA website will include this new menu item, initially offering wall art (prints), direct sales between artist and admirer!

FIRST TIME SELLERS, we have photographer price lists, sources (local and online) printers (canvas, photo paper, etc.) and a supportive community to help you with the process.

ALREADY HAVE IMAGES OR PRINTS?  GBA will increase your audience and possible sales!


Put down your paint brush and drop a quick email to and let me know you’re interested and how I can help you get your art on the walls of admirers!

Emails will be responded to individually, however the following information will be requested

1.     Name, preferred contact information for the site: (not necessarily the same

        as on the GBA list of artists)

2.     Brief (100 words or less) description of the artist, the medium(s)

3.     For each item:

a.     Image (jpeg preferred – if it is a reduced pixel size of the image for the sample,                    please provide specs of the file to be used for reproduction.)

b.     Size (including depth)

c.     Material (canvas, photo paper, etc)

d.     Original size and medium

e.     Title of artwork (and brief description if desired)

4.     Assistance needed to produce prints (help with photography, resources for prints)

5.     How would you like to be involved in the ongoing formation of the Print Gallery? 

a.     Helping post images and work with the online part of the webpage

b.     Assist artists with contacts/information on producing photo/prints

c.     Review and process requests for posting prints online

d.     Offer suggestions/enhancements to improve the print gallery.

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