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Live Model and Portrait Sketching and Painting
on Zoom​

Future sessions to be determined

Wednesdays 2-5pm


Three hours sessions for members at $15 per session.   Sign up for a four-session package for $56.  Nonmembers pay $20 for a three-hour session.


Members are invited for sketching and painting a live model on Zoom. Guild members have gathered to do this together since 2014. At this time we plan to have models work online through zoom, which a number of us have found very productive despite our initial doubts. The format will start with short, five-minute poses, and continue with longer ones. Artists may join for whatever time they have available. The session will end with a pose lasting as long as 60 minutes, including short breaks for the model and for us to stretch. At the end of the session, those who wish may share their work and briefly share positive critique. 


Artists may use whatever media they like: oil, acrylics, watercolor, pastels, colored pencils, mixed media, collage, and clay.


Our first model is a professional, and has a background as an actress, dancer, and educator. More details coming soon.

The model will be moving in classic and modern jazz routines.

The goal of this drawing exercise is to sharp the artist's visual memory.  As the dancer moves the idea is to capture one frame and express that frame in your drawing.  Your aim is to create enough of the figure to recognize the movement.  You will create no more than a simple figure that shows proportions and the action.

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