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Artist Demonstrations & Seminars

Archive 03/09/2021 to 05/25/2021

Art demo or seminar every Tuesday 3 pm

Join the Guild in watching the creative process of one of our fine artists. You will get to see them working for about an hour and explaining why they do what they do. You will be able to ask questions. Since our artists work in a variety of media, over time, you will be exposed to a large number of processes and approaches. The program may be a simplified “how to do” something or it may be a broader demonstration of how to start something, how to finish something, how to fix something or how to proceed when they are stuck. This program is usually held on Tuesdays at 3pm but it can be pre recorded and shown another time upon request.

Artist Demonstration

Chris Morel - Oil Painter

Tuesday, March 9, 2021 at 3 pm

Presented jointly with the Lenox Library

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Meeting ID: 842 9419 6011

Password: 926317

"I am a landscape artist striving to skillfully capture the essence of the evolving contemporary West in my paintings. I trained as a serious artist at Towson University in Maryland before discovering my home and ultimate subject matter in the mountains outside of Taos where I've been painting since 1994.

I find inspiration and guidance from the legacy of great painters of the area. I hope to discover moments of light, create compelling compositions and render ordinary sights into extraordinary paintings. Taos is a Mecca for landscape painters, and I was drawn here like many before me. A lifetime is only what it takes to really reflect the energy and spirit of this magical area, and of course that's never going to be enough time.

In the last year and a half, I have also been fortunate to live part time and open a studio in Stockbridge MA. Painting the Berkshires and surrounding areas has provided a tremendous opportunity for fresh subject matter for paintings from this beautiful part of our country.


My objective, through intensive landscape study for 32 years, is to not just let you see these places through my eyes, but to feel it in this limited two-dimensional format when possible. I want you to feel the temperature, time of day, the air, the seasons, the light and shadow, the grandeur and scale of these places through one artist's interpretation.

If I continue to grow and produce art, I will have hopefully left something of value from a lifelong love affair with the natural my opinion God's greatest art!"

Intro to Guild - See Seminars March 30, 2021 3pm
Website Intro - See Seminars April 6, 2021 3pm

Introduction to the Guild and  New Website for New Members and Current  Members

Tuesday, March 30, 2021  3pm - New Members

Tuesday, April 6, 2021  3pm - Current Members

Zoom link:

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Meeting ID: See Seminars Page

Password: See Seminars Page


please click on the Zoom link no more than five minutes before 3pm.


Come and discover how the Guild's new site design helps you access its many offerings! Learn about the various ways to stay up to date, learn about programs, find members-only resources, and most importantly get involved! Learn how to create your own webpage offered free to all members. Learn how to propose a new program or event.

As a member you have access to more than 100 videos featuring demonstrations by members and past Meet the Artists events. You also can participate in online shows, a proposed outdoor and in-person summer show at Arrowhead, a proposed portrait program and live model program, a print gallery and a Plein Air program this summer (subject to weather and regulations.)


You may also participate in weekly ART together events, Mixed Media Workshops, Positive Critiques, the Art Book Gathering and free Photo Editing workshops using Snapseed.


What programs or events would you like to have at the Guild? You will learn how to propose a program or event.  


Please log on to the website BEFORE this seminar and briefly look at the website. Also please go to the bottom of the homepage to the gray bar, and click on the Members' Area, then click on the Members Only Area- Login and use the email address you used to join the Guild to Login. You most likely already have your own webpage and you will also learn how to add more artwork to your webpage.


Many thanks go out to those that helped with the website's creation including a special thank you to Adrian Holmes and Keith Emerling!

Artist Demonstration

Jon Caplan


Tuesday, April 13, 2021 at 3 pm

Zoom link:

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Meeting ID: 842 9419 6011

Password: 926317

Looking back over my interest in photography, there have been numerous periods and events that have drawn me back into the medium… escaping to Berkshire and Hampshire counties during my teenage years, shooting for my year books (high school and college), hitchhiking across country, a variety of other travel adventures, and buying a home years ago in Egremont.  


I was fortunate to take  a couple of wonderful photography courses in college (B&W, with dark room film processing & printing) that focused strongly on light as the photographer’s medium.  My wife, Michele’s more recent evolution from jewelry designer to painter also has inspired me, and has amplified my awareness and appreciation of color.  It’s wonderful for us to be able to collaborate.  We shared a venue in Pittsfield’s First Friday Artswalk in October 2019, which now feels like ages ago.


Since the onset of Covid in March 2020, I’ve been more focused on local landscapes, finding solace in my frequent Coronamania Therapy walks.  I love the interplay of light and color during the golden hour into sunset, particularly up on Baldwin Hill and the surrounding area, which has inspired me to attempt to capture the bucolic beauty of Egremont and the Berkshires.