Art On Main Show

To see the prospectus and to register for the show click on the button above and create a new account in Show Submit (if you don't already have one.)  This is a different login and account from your personal Guild account.


ART on MAIN – at the Old Town Hall, 9 Main St. West Stockbridge


This Show is open to all current members of the Guild of Berkshire Artists. Thirty to forty current members will be accepted on a first-come, first-accepted basis. Each 2-D artist may enter 3-4 medium-sized works (c. 16x20”); 2 larger works (up to 40”) or 5-6 small works. 3-D artists may submit up to 20 small pieces. 


All art media are accepted. The minimum sale price is $100.00. Work should be “new” as of the past 2-3 years and not shown at Arrowhead or other Guild shows in 2020-21. 

ONLINE ENTRY: Entry is online only. Go to, create your login and select Guild of Berkshire Artists: ART on MAIN. Follow the online instructions for entry and upload your images.

Show Fee: $40


May 2: Signup for the Show begins

June 10: Deadline for signup

June 25 (Saturday) 10a-12 noon: Show Publicity Gathering – Show Artists pick up Road Signs and Flyers at the New Town Hall in West Stockbridge on Rte. 102

Check-In of Art Registered for the Show:

July 5 - from 12 to 5 PM

July 6 – from 9 AM to 1 PM

Artists bring submitted art to the Old Town Hall, 9 Main Street, West Stockbridge, MA. Each work must have a label attached to the back with artist name or Guild code, title of piece, size and price. 3-D art must have a sticker with artist name code and price on the bottom or back of the work. (Code example: Winslow Homer (HOMW#).

July 8 , 9, 10 & July 15, 16, 17: Show Open 10 to 5 each day

July 9, Saturday - 3 to 5pm:  Reception

Check-Out and Pick Up:

Artists check out their unsold works with the Show Managers. 


Sunday, July 17 – from 5 to 6 PM

Monday, July 18 – from 10 AM to 12 Noon


Terms & Conditions: ART on MAIN, July 2022

Hanging Standards:

Art that does not meet GBA Hanging Standards cannot be displayed and will be rejected. GBA and the Show Committee reserve the right to review and approve any/all art and to determine the final display of all art in our shows. Our aim is to allow the maximum number of members to exhibit their best quality work.  


All artwork will be organized and hung by the Hanging Committee. Complete Hanging Standards are available on 


All 2D work that is intended to be hung on the panels or walls (except for bin pieces) is to be securely wired 1/3 down from the top and ready to hang with no saw-tooth or loop hangers permitted. 


Bin Art must be unframed and shrink-wrapped or otherwise protected so that no damage is caused to other art in the bin. 


3D Art must be able to sit/stand on a level surface, or have a suitable stand included.


Complete Hanging Standards are available on the Guild’s website.


Gallery Management and Show Support: All artists in the show are expected to provide support to assure a successful show. We will send a link to SignUpGenius to sign up for the following tasks:


Gallery Hosting – artists not assigned to handling Sales must sign up for at least ONE half-day hosting session and ONE back-up assignment. 


Moving Panels into the Gallery on June 30 and out of the Gallery on July 18. 6 members are needed for this task.


Publicity Support (Distributing Flyers and Road Signs) – these will be available for pick up on Saturday, June 25 at 10 to 12 Noon at the West Stockbridge new Town Hall on Rte 102. All participants are expected to assist with these or other publicity tasks – including Facebook and personal e-mail blasts.


Reception Support - Artists in the show also agree to bring a plate of hors d’oeuvres to the Reception on Saturday July 9 at 2:30. Two artists are needed to organize and manage the Reception. 


Note: if you are unable to fulfill any volunteer assignments, it is your responsibility to arrange for a substitute. Remember that we all need to help and support each other to make our projects successful.


For questions or help with the online registration, contact:

Margie Skaggs – or (917) 880-8977


Bruce Shickmanter - or