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Art on Main Gallery Guild of Berkshire Artists Members Gallery 38 Main Street, West Stockbridge


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Curate your own Art Show! All members are invited to show their art in our new gallery space. There is only room for up to three artists ( 2 - 2D and 1-3D (not 3-2D artists)) at a time for a period of one to two consecutive weeks. Work with a member friend whose work complements yours for an exciting and dynamic showcasing. Artists will curate, hang and host the show at the gallery according to the guidelines below.

WHERE: ART ON MAIN GALLERY, 38 Main Street, West Stockbridge

WHEN:You are required to sit the minimum open gallery hours. Thurs/Fri - 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm Sat/Sun 11:00 am-4:00 pm Hanging - Wednesday before Remove your work - Mondays after. The gallery is to be left broom clean. Walls with no marks. Exhibiting artists are encouraged to host one opening on a day of your choosing. Additional showings at your discretion.

REGISTRATION:Sign ups on Sign Up Genius will begin August 5 on a first come, first served basis. We will send a link to sign up genius at 9am on Friday the 5th.  Only one artist needs to signup and pay to reserve the gallery. We are scheduling through the end of the year. We ask you to carefully choose your dates.  Changes need to be made by swapping dates with other participating artists. We have the space for 14 months. There will be another season to exhibit if you do not get the space this time.

COST:$100 per week for one to three artists to share the fee.


COST: Our new fee structure for unscheduled times

Costs for the space for one to three artists to share the fee.
Going forward, New sign up fees are as follows through May:
a. 2 weeks = $150
b. 3 weeks = $200

SALES: The artist agrees that all artwork displayed at Art on Main Gallery will be offered for sale through the Guild. The artist agrees that the proceeds from any sale resulting from the exhibit will be shared with 25% of the proceeds going to the Guild which covers operating expenses and 75% going to the artist. The artists will use the outside sales system service provided to the Guild.  Sales Tax and credit card fees will be paid as well as commissions and the artists through this service.

HANGING STANDARDS:The Gallery will follow the hanging standards adopted by the Guild. We recommend you review them prior to hanging your work. There is a PDF document on the Resource page of the Guild website. Any exceptions to the standards must be approved by the Gallery Manager.

PROMOTION:The artist is responsible for marketing their show in addition to any PR the Guild will provide in the way of social media and complementary in print news articles about the Gallery. A brief artist bio plus one image shall be provided to the Gallery Manager for marketing purposes a minimum of two weeks before your show. A formatted jpeg will be provided to the artist for their use in promoting the show.

WAIVER:The artist hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Guild of Berkshire Artists and their board, officers, members and volunteers from any and all liability arising from or out of the loss or damage of his or her artwork from any event whatsoever while it is in the possession of, or is located on the premises of, the Art on Main Gallery. While the Guild will use its best efforts to maintain the security of the gallery, the artist agrees that his or her artworks are exhibited at the artists own risk.

Questions, contact Shany Porras at


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